My Favorite Things

Most of you loyal readers by now have gotten a re-commissioned holiday greeting card from me and mine.  Hey, Valentine’s Day is a holiday, right?  And it’s still The Season, yes?  Even absent my current excuse for all things left undone, I’ve always been a big advocate of sending out Christmas cards long after the rush.  There’s too much to attend to in December, is my way of thinking. And who’s not happy to get a card in the mail in January, February…maybe even March?  When there’s nothing dropping through the mailslot but bills and flyers for post-holiday sales events?  You know I’m right.  Plus, it’s always a bonus to get to respond to the cards I get, while I’m still mindful of the gifts they bestowed upon me.  Says the procrastinator/rationalizer…

Well, whatever my excuse, I’m sticking to my guns.  Greetings timed to arrive during the time of year that’s Always Winter and Never Christmas, as described in Narnia, have always deserved a little extra cheerfulness in my book.

In addition to being a bit behind schedule, my written holiday update this year was short on factoids, and came out more a list of lovely moments and memories from the year past.  Which, for me, made all the sense in the world, to commemorate the delightful. The exquisite.  The surprising.  My Favorites.

Truth be told, I don’t think Oscar Hammerstein II gets anywhere near enough credit for having come up with a lyrical list of favorite things that remains forever cheerful.  I’m guessing that right now, on my cellphone, there are at least 20 photos of whiskers on kittens, and multiple close-ups of roses, with or without raindrops.   I don’t tend to get the shot of the wild geese with the moon on their wings, but I’ve got more images of evening skies and wispy clouds and lengthening shadows and bright white contrails than practically anything else.  Lord knows we don’t get enough apple strudel in our life, but I suspect I could search a bit and come up with a photo or two of some jars of applesauce, from Julia Child’s perfect recipe.  All favorite things of mine, and Oscar’s, too, apparently.

Anyhow, between the weather and the lovely generosity of multiple hosts over the past few weekends, I’ve taken a lot of photos of things that just plain make me happy.  All simple things, all things that make me smile or laugh out loud, in some cases.  The things that get me through the rough patches.  The things that make life worth living, and loving, and sharing.

So, here you go:


The view from my most recent weekend home-away-from-home.  Thank you, Dia and Story.


A circus-performer mother ewe (she jumps over fences!) and her lovely lamb, who kept me company in Lyme NH.  Thank you, Joanie and Scott!


The sky, as the storm departed from Hanover NH.  A lovely day, a gorgeous hue.


A Happy Day in Middlebury VT.  Yes, I am short.  That’s nephew Sam on the left, and Ian on the right.


Here’s what I came home to.  From a windswept walk in My Fair City.


A photo was emailed to me from Eric, subject line, “Oh, were you reading this?”  Our cats love to sit on whatever you might be reading.  This, Eric informs me, is from the State Archives of Dubrovnik, circa the 15th century.  “Some things never change.”  Footprints from kittens, a variation on the whiskers theme.


The view of my sacred Dawn Redwood, out the grand Palladian  window of the college chapel down the street. Worth fifteen minutes of something approaching holiness, any weekday morning that school’s in session.



2 comments on “My Favorite Things

  1. juliezickefoose says:

    Oh my God. Photos. Taken by you. And not having to be viewed on a phone. Actually uploaded to the Tubes of the Internet and visible to us. Now that is a gift. This is as close as I’ll come to viewing the world through your keen and all-appreciating eye. Thank you. Mwah. So happy that we discovered the Dawn Redwood together. I see them everywhere. Most recently a circle of six all vying for the same 200′ column of airspace in a smallish backyard near Loudonville Ohio. Do you know what you have done, Homeowner? xxxxooooo jz

  2. Judy Rabinowitz says:

    Thanks for this report complete with wonderful windows into your sources of delight. Your fellow shorty.

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