so many images

Even after a week that was mostly wet, a week when I would have guessed that there was nothing on my phone, photo-wise, to share with you, well.  There was.  There is.  Here’s just some of what I saw, coming and going, this past week:

IMG-20130521-00899Here’s an example of why I can never be sad about the swift passage of time.  If you find yourself mourning the end of apple blossoms or dogwoods, well then, wait a second, and look for what comes next.  Lupine!  This from the part of my reservoir walk that I call my cul-de-sac to New Hampshire.  There’s some yellow warblers nesting just a few yards from this sight.  And orioles.  Oh, how I love those orioles, and their sock-like woven nests!

File under, if you missed something out there in nature, wait a minute, and look around again.

IMG-20130524-00917It’s graduation season, all around Boston.  This is a scene of the preparations going on just down the street from where I live. Seriously, you can set your clock to the hanging of the flags and the delivery of the chairs, every third week in May.  This photo shows the crest of the house where my younger son lives.  We’ve found the same crest on Josiah Quincy’s family gravestone, out in my beloved cemetery.  Those folding chairs number in the thousands, and take days and days to get all set up.  Here they’ve just been delivered and are stacked in piles held tight by canvas straps.  There’s always a strong wiff of body odor when these get delivered.  I suspect it’s just mildew that grows on the wet canvas straps.  Whatever it is, it smells like commencement to me.

IMG-20130518-00880Ah, there’s that crest again, over the door.  I took this photo on move-out day.  I was never so glad to see the cops and security guards, there to hold my parking space in the middle of the Square.  Shortest commute ever.  I dropped the big plastic bins off, then went home, then came back a half hour later for the actual move.  There are benefits to having your child go to school right down the street from Home Sweet Home.

IMG-20130520-00885There’ s a store not far from my house where they sell nothing but LPs.  Remember LPs?  They have so many, from such a wide variety of sources and decades, that they can come up with endless window displays, always with an entertaining theme.  This one looks to be limited to LP covers with Hawaiian leis and hula dancers.  Nailed it!

IMG-20130524-00928I went to a reading by E.O. Wilson the other night.  He has a new book out, titled Letters to a Young Scientist. Right on cue, before his talk began, a certifiable young scientist came up to him with a specimen from his back yard, a tiny inchworm.  Of course, E.O. Wilson had the Latin name right at the tip of his tongue.  The man has been teaching since 1955.  I had him for Biology 1, back in my freshman fall semester.  I wish I’d been as prepared as this little guy will clearly be.  “Keep up the good work!” were E.O.’s parting words to this eight year old biologist.  A lovely moment.

IMG-20130514-00873Another one of those springtime events worth waiting for.  The flowering of the horse chestnut trees.  All over town, these beauties are decked out, like giant candelabras.  Love, love, love them.

IMG-20130511-00852Another excellent example of my tax dollars at work in my home town.  This is on the walking path around the reservoir.

IMG-20130511-00855Seriously, how great is this?

IMG-20130524-00920All the rain has done good things for my garden.  That, and after 30+ years, I’ve finally gotten a handle on what is willing to grow on the north side of our brick townhouse.  Things that love shade, which, it turns out, come in all sizes and shapes.


2 comments on “so many images

  1. lhadlockart says:

    Love the image I get if you in my mind when I read these –strolling along, stopping, crouching, looking, composing, shooting, feeling joy in the making of pictures of things that sing to you. Thanks for sharing. We are currently habitating in a sea of greens. I adore the cardinal that throws his bold splash of red into the scene to shake things up ( and also sing to me at precisely 4:35 am each morn)!

  2. andymacomber says:

    Love the ;pictures of your home town. Where else can you see hear orioles in the am, and walk in to hear a lecture by E. O. Wilson that night?

    Sent from my iPad

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