a book review I wrote and then forgot all about

File under, I am my own worst publicist.  The book review I wrote six weeks ago was finally posted, here:


Truthfully, I’d forgotten I’d even written it.  It’s curious, how that works; I read, I re-read, I turn down pages, I underline passages, I mull over what it is I think I’m going to have to say, I obsess for a little bit, I start writing, and after many fits and starts, I figure out what I actually think.  WIRoB likes their reviews short and snappy, under 950 words max.  Which means I write about 2,000 words and then pare away what matters least, until I get to the nugget of what becomes my truth.  And then, apparently, once I’ve clicked on Send, I put it out of my mind. Or perhaps I just hide it in the part of my memory bank reserved for non-essential items.  I suspect this review got superseded by:  Is It Garbage Day?  If So, Clean The Catbox!  That’s about the depth of my attention span right now.

So, belatedly, here you go, if you’re interested.  And, to give you a chance to judge this book by its cover,  here’s what it looks like, in a bookstore, cyber or otherwise, near you:


Good cover.  Good book, too.


3 comments on “a book review I wrote and then forgot all about

  1. Loved this book and love your review! xo

  2. andymacomber says:

    Another interesting email. I liked your expression “cultural landmark”. Also the way you summed up the take-home application of the book as…a small life can be good if you don’t compare yourself to your “summer teepee mates”. Sounds like a good book.That’s a good reviewer.

    Sent from my iPad

  3. Jillian Seaton says:

    Happy All In Your Rear-View Mirror Weekend! I hope every wonderful facet transcends what you imagined. Xo.

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