August visuals

IMG_0492There’s art afoot! Even underfoot! These little guys can be found all over town.

I’m told by folks with significant blogger miles under their belts that August can be a time to just go visual.  Pictures only, let them tell the story.  Enough of the words words words.  Well, I do seem to be running out of narrative, at least what might relate to my original blogging impetus (Month Eight: hair growing back, ever so slowly…) So, yes.  Let’s take a break.  And I’ll get to show you some photos of the art in my home town that I keep finding, everywhere I go.

IMG_0430Yeah, we have Art with a capital A in my neighborhood.  I get to walk by this Henry Moore nearly every day.

IMG_0233There’s also the commissioned mural art all over town.  This is part of a delightful trompe l’oeil that festooned the exterior of the Harvard Square movie theater for years.  Sadly, the theater has closed down, the art is taking a hit (at least someone whited out the “(S)not (F)art” tag), and I suspect Charlie and Marilyn will be long gone by the time this building turns into a cell phone store downstairs and invisible offices up above.


IMG_0458Same street, other side.  It’s really quite delightful, how the good ones don’t get messed with.  No graffiti here.

IMG_0277Well, there’s honor amongst taggers, I guess.  This one gets messed with because, well, probably because street artists are annoyed with Shephard Fairey’s MO.  That, or because he’s figured out how to make money (Remember those Obama “HOPE” posters, and the “OBEY stickers all over everywhere?) and how to get museums to throw gala openings for him.  Or maybe it’s that just as the wheat paste was starting to peel away, and just when this mural was reaching the end of its predictable street life, a nice new tidy version got plastered up over it, thus removing this venue for other  guerrilla artists.  Or something.

IMG_0155I love it when I notice things like this.  You have to be looking up, down, all around for little expressions of artful joy.

IMG_0157And you have to check the back sides of street signs where I live.  Lots of sticker art.  Some pre-printed, some hand produced, courtesy of the post office’s generous supply of mailing labels.  It’s a quick way to make a statement, artistic or otherwise.

There’s more, lots more, but I’m in NH with a touch-and-go internet connection.  And hey, it’s only the 9th!  Many more visuals of The Art I Love in the pipeline.


3 comments on “August visuals

  1. Melanie says:

    Just leaving North Conway on my way to Craftsbury to retrieve girls. Happy to see your latest as I set off. Xxx me

  2. Jo-Del says:

    Your moments held are glistening in my thoughts. The words you give to others are meaningful magic,,,so thank you for all.

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