it helps to be easily amused

Continuing my August of more pictures, fewer words, here’s some more visuals that make me smile:

IMG_0451I love this little guy.

IMG_0541David Fitcher, a favorite local muralist of ours, has been engaging kids in this public art project, one 15-foot section at a time, for years and years.  It’s a glorious homage to the Mystic River ecosystem.  I honestly love getting stuck in traffic on this stretch of roadway, so that I can get a good look at the latest additions.

IMG_0564Farmers market raspberry season, down the street.

IMG_0558Renzo Piano’s addition to and renovation of the Fogg Art Museum, in progress.  In addition to being a sucker for blue sky days, I love the juxtaposition of high tech architecture and low tech power lines.

IMG_0527Having our nephew visiting meant I had excuses to walk past this statuary twice a day last week.  That ball in the dragon’s mouth rolls around, but is entirely trapped–a neat sculpting trick.

IMG_0521Plus he’s got excellent curls in his mane. Oh, for hair that grows like this!

IMG_0495Art?  or architecture?  This basket-y balsa wood structure sat outside the GSD for a few days, in the space that we used for after-dinner backyard soccer and frisbee and wiffleball adventures, back in the day.

IMG_0437Believe it or not, this seascape lives just around the corner from our house.  A little rock garden, adorned with driftwood sailboats and pine cone birdhouses.  It’s right across the street from the public high school, but it doesn’t get messed with.  That scallop shell has been there for years.  Makes me happy every time I walk by.

IMG_0505Boy shoes.  Big ones.  End of an era at our house.  It’s been fun having us all under one roof this summer.


One comment on “it helps to be easily amused

  1. LH says:

    Sweet images “city mouse”. I especially like the “boys shoes”. I’m about to have a major meltdown as Finn leaves Wednesday–boat shoes, lacrosse cleats, hockeyskates, sneakers included, RPI bound, after a much too fast summer as Sailing Director for the youth program at HYC (incl living at home!).

    Yes I’m Boston bound for DBS surgery (if I pass pre- op testing) sept 12….A lot exciting, a lot scary and I wanted to check in with you about a possible P&L visit the night prior as we have to be thereafter 6am — no worries if it doesn’t work.

    Xo L


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