blue sky days

IMG_0861 Every time I looked up this week…blue.

I know August was my designated “more images, fewer words” month, but the skies these days…I just can’t stop gazing up at the harkening-to-autumn clear blue skies we’ve been treated to lately.  I can’t stop stopping in my tracks at the same spray of yellow glory–Jerusalem artichoke blooms, my sources tell me (thank you, JZ)–and I can’t stop being amazed at their sunny faces against the achingly glorious blue sky beyond.  I can’t not take photos of these skyscapes, each one more vividly blue than the last.  And you know me, I need to share.  So here you go.

IMG_1129Here’s those Jerusalem artichoke blooms.  My phone was full of this exuberant sight, taken over and over, as I kept encountering it, every time I circled round my beloved reservoir.

IMG_1180Wait, here they are again!

IMG_1146It took an out-of-town visitor to remind me that there are treasures to behold in my back yard.  If by my back yard,  you include the hub of the universe on the other side of the river.  I.M. Pei must have been dreaming of skies like this when he designed the JFK Library.

IMG_1212I seem to find blue skies even when I’m not looking for them.  Here, reflected in the windows behind the best door hardware, anywhere.  Come to my home town and I’ll take you on a tour of these doors.

They’re worth the trip, all by themselves.

IMG_1184More reflected glorious blueness.

It was just that kind of week.  Blue skies, and a chill in the air.  Waking up early and needing to pull up the comforter, as a frosty breeze wafted through the window.

The fact that we’re now in the land of more dark than light is probably what makes these blue sky days all the more vivid, more acutely in need of being seen, and appreciated, and duly noted.  It’s going to start being dark at 4PM before I know it, and I will grieve the lack of sunshine in the evenings and in the early mornings.  Best to just keep looking up, and letting these skies, and the light these days, soak in, at every opportunity.

2 comments on “blue sky days

  1. melanie says:

    I’m envious…our skies have already turned grey…..sometimes, just before dusk, when the sun slips below the clouds we get a blast of late light. Xxm

  2. Jo-Del says:

    Exquisite. Thank you jdg

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