Tis the season to make lists

Hello dear readers.  Would that I had something for you to read here, but this week, the only writing I’m doing is utterly devoid of subjects and predicates.  I’m busy making lists.  November and December, it’s all about the lists.

IMG_3179Here’s what I’ve been up to this week.

To Do lists.  Shopping lists.  Timeline for what-goes-in-the-oven-when lists.  That’s the mode I go into when Thanksgiving is upon us.  I have my own list-making shorthand. I won’t bore you with it. Just know, I’ve gotten to the place where I need to remind myself where to find the recipe I’ve just written down the shopping list for…Okay. “SP” equals Silver Palate.  But I forgot to indicate whether that’s the SP cookbook with the red cover or the white one. Dang!

IMG_3175 IMG_3175“Move that pile of books from the stairs” was just one item on my To Do list that led to unexpected sub-items. Like the  significant de-dust bunnying required, upon having cleared the decks.  So many books already read, still to read, all to share.  But I don’t actually have two of all these books, and I don’t have a clue how to unstick the top photo from the bottom one.  Sorry about that.

If I sound like I’m complaining, I apologize.  Because I’m not.  There’s something about the whole run-up to a big gathering that does my heart a world of good.  Like my sweetie, I’m big on that old ski racer phenomenon, where you prepare compulsively at your own pace, to be ready for the big three…two…one…go!  I really like the part where, after all that prep work,  I get to sit down and just be with my loved ones, enjoying those efforts.  I also really REALLY love the part where I sit and drink a glass of wine while others clear the decks. Lucky for me, I married a top-notch dishwasher and general cleaner-upper.

IMG_3209Honestly, one of the joys of Thanksgiving to me is that so much of the meal can be made ahead of time.  I knocked off two stuffings today–this classic cornbread, apples and pecans version, and a new entry from last Wednesday’s New York Times food section.  Leeks and mushrooms and bacon.  I think we may have a new winner!

So, apologies for the late entry here, but figured a little something is better than nothing.  And while I’m still busy checking off items on my to do lists, I will leave you with a visual list of just a few things I’m so very thankful for these days:

IMG_3186Still thankful for my beloved Sox.  And had fun at the premier of MLB’s little video remembrance of this year’s World Series.  Loved the grand excuse to cheer for the guys with the beards one more time, and loved this outfit, on a woman just ahead of me in line who makes my claim at fandom seem…diminished. I wish I’d gotten the hat in this shot; it’s covered with rookie cards of her favorite Red Sox players.

IMG_3138Always thankful for little bits of architectural and signage humor.

IMG_3133I’m particularly thankful for the current exhibit at the MFA Boston, of John Singer Sargent’s watercolors.  Which makes me notice how beautiful the world is, when light hits, well, practically anything.  Honestly, I’ve adored this house for decades, in all seasons, but never really saw it as a screen upon which its glorious beech tree neighbor gets to project a little dancing version of itself.  Just fantastic.


Yeah, John Singer Sargent got it.  And I’m grateful he’s made me see it, too.

There’s more, much more, but I’ve got a few more items to knock off my to-do list.  Happy Thanksgiving, all.

One comment on “Tis the season to make lists

  1. andymacomber says:

    I loved all of this. I tried to reply under Comment, but flunked, I think, though I used the right email address and passwork. Can hardly wait to eat you cooking. New stuffing and old! New tweeks on vegetables! Turkey! Garnishments! Yum

    xxooxx Sent from my iPad


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