my favorite December things

It’s another one of those  weeks–short on subjects and predicates, long on logistics and to-do lists.  But at every turn, in the midst of the craziness that is December, I keep encountering the things I love.  Here is a long-on-visuals/short-on-words collection that describes just one category of  beloved things I’d have worked into the lyrics of a song, were I Rogers and Hammerstein.

Like, for instance…

IMG_3483The lights, this time of year.  All versions of light, from so many different sources.

I love how the lights on this neighborhood tree rained down onto the windshield and hood of a nearby car.

IMG_3500I love how the lights on our back porch glow through the first snow .

IMG_3519I love how the lights I string up high atop my kitchen cabinets reflect onto this favorite painting.

IMG_3450I also love the weird shadows that glow along the ceiling, from the lights within a fluted bowl. These are the same lights that are reflected in the windows of the painting above.

IMG_3539I love the light at the end of these December days, particularly when I remember to get outside and see it as it passes  from brilliant to beyond. Noticing when the sun sets somehow makes the darkness at 4PM more tolerable.

IMG_3537That same setting sun, just moments before.  I’m a complete sucker for how the late afternoon light hits the buildings I love.  This little chalet with the gothic door belongs to the Cambridge Skating Club.

IMG_3490I love this group effort. Kudos to the students who coordinated to get this Ho Ho Ho up and shining!

IMG_3547I love how, after the sun has disappeared, the moon, the moon, the moon, glistens in the night sky.

IMG_3507This time of year, leave a few twinkly lights on.  I like having them greet me in the dark of the morning.

IMG_3506Goodnight sun. Goodnight moon. Goodnight, twinkly lights.


3 comments on “my favorite December things

  1. Chris Voronovitch says:

    You help us all take the time to pause and be thankful! I am thrilled when I see your postings! Merry Christmas! ❤

  2. What a beautiful entry. I love the lights and the gorgeous moon that you were able to capture. Wonderful!

  3. juliezickefoose says:

    Yes’m, batch reading, and here’s to having a camera in one’s pocket that will gather the night and the day in one. Don’t you love being able to take those lights home with you? That Cambridge Skating Club building–you must take me there! xoxo j.

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