the blue and the white

IMG_4742A favorite beech tree, on a glorious blue sky day.

Sorry folks.  I’ve been a laggard here.  And this, after figuring that the holidays were over and we’d all get back to our regularly scheduled programming…well, maybe you did.  I’m still stuck in January, and an extended intersession for two of my three men (dad and son on the same academic calendar has its advantages, except when it means a long stretch of folks who wake up and go to bed and eat at different times, all under one roof…) Then we had some weather.  Then I got bronchitis, or something.

IMG_4695Then it snowed, some more.

And then…Over and over and over, I kept looking up and seeing…this.

IMG_4721Here’s the view I kept waking up to, this past week.

We’ve had an amazing stretch of blue sky days.  Blue skies, white snow, the occasional re-dusting of new snow, more blue skies.  It’s been glorious beyond description.  And has required, apparently, a significant portion of my attention span this past week.

IMG_4773Just days before, I photographed snow drops from these steps.

So what I’ve been up to, beyond trying to get my Christmas cards into the mailbox (conveniently disguised as Valentines) and offloading stuff to get out of the architect’s and contractor’s way, is being outside, and taking it in.

IMG_4768Just me, and the skyline of Boston, and a rabbit.

Confession: before starting this post, I went through my phone photos and deleted approximately three out of four that I’ve taken in the last ten days.  I figured that would leave more than enough to choose from, without overwhelming my iPhoto bank.  Seriously, I thought I had it down to about twenty shots.  Turned out eliminating three out of four got me down to 200 photos to choose from for this installment.

IMG_4749Even the snow by itself was blue and white. This is the path to where my great horned owls hang out.

I just couldn’t stop.  I kept meaning to go grocery shopping and finding myself at, for instance, the Mt. Auburn Cemetery.  Which is a national treasure by any measure, and is beautiful beyond description on any day of the year.  But there’s something about that place, and the quiet within its gates when the snow has muffled the noise and the caretakers have put their power equipment away for the winter.  Glorious, beautiful, serenity.  Everywhere you turn.

IMG_4591I slogged through some snow to say hello to Charles Bullfinch.

IMG_4592And Bullfinch’s next door neighbor, Buckminster Fuller.

IMG_4597And Bucky’s ancestor, Margaret Fuller.  Great woman.  Unfortunate hairdo.

I also kept detouring to my beloved reservoir, for the mental health break I kept seeming to need.  That, and with the hope against all hope that the snowy owl might come back and hang out, while I was looking.  No such luck, but there was still such beauty, at every turn.

IMG_4791The water is wide, and I can’t cross over. Gotta go the long way around.

IMG_4786Nests are revealed in the bareness of branches, and remnants of blooms abound.

IMG_4855In the sun, in the shadows…white and blue and white and blue.

Anyhow, that’s what I’ve been up to.  Witnessing the beauty all around.  Trying to soak it all in.  Making sure to notice.

IMG_4604Look at the light of this hour.  Indeed.


11 comments on “the blue and the white

  1. Melanie says:

    always such a pleasure to a ‘here’s what i know so far’ waiting for me in my inbox – even at 3am. T
    oday it arrived during daylight hours as I sit looking out over the snowy landscape of the North Fork. I’m spending a week with John and Nancy post Nancy’s hip op. Will call for a same time zone chat. xxx melanie

  2. nancy wissemann-widrig says:

    Hi kris: mel has let me resd your messages and phtos., a great job of preserving this crazy winter; a good winter to be housebound recuperating with M as nurse,Love, Nancy

  3. Christine Voronovitch says:

    We always fail to look around us and notice the little beautys that God gives us for encouragement. We complain of time crunches, phone calls to be made, etc. all things that take us away for our soulfood. Too bad, I do it too, but I want to be better about noticing the “white and the blue”.

  4. Andy Macomber says:

    I love your favorite beech tree. Have we seen it together? I appreciated the snow on the snowdrop steps. I’, looking at the world here more closely these days. Wold like to see it sometime with your eyes and the eye of your camera. You see a lot more than I do.

  5. Amen. I love these pictures and these words and most of all this breathtaking blue sky. xoxo

  6. Jo-Del says:

    Lovely to end the day through/with your spectacles and wise wit.

  7. juliezickefoose says:

    And I am writing a blue and white post tonight in your honor. Thank you for taking me to Robert and Bucky and for so perfectly evoking the silence and serenity of the place that saved me every week. lovelovelove j.

  8. holly says:

    I need to get this off my iPhone & tied to my email .. That said .. I doubt you realize just how much your big sister not only enjoys but appreciates the magic of your blog. Thank you for filling my head & my senses & my heart with all that makes you so very special.
    xox ~ h*

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