Aha! A book review for your reading pleasure


This is a classic example of me forgetting I’d even read this book, let alone reviewed it.  Oddly, reading my own words is a curious adventure–hey, not bad!  Well edited, truth be told.  My biggest darling that needed killing was a metaphor around Jane Austen’s Sense and Sensibility, whereby I compared the main character in Anna Quindlen’s Still Life With Bread Crumbs to the mother of the stars of S&S.  Seriously, why didn’t Colonel Brandon give Mrs. Dashwood even a moment’s notice?  This is a book about her, writ in the twenty-first century prose.  And for once, Anna Quindlen didn’t feel obliged to put an Issue with a capital I in the story.  It’s just about finding love, wherever it may be.  And whenever.



Oh, and just for fun, here’s my favorite doorway in Cambridge, as of yesterday anyhow:

IMG_6411* * * * *




2 comments on “Aha! A book review for your reading pleasure

  1. Sue says:

    “Quindlen has provided her readers with a gift: the assertion that women of a certain age have stories that deserve to be told. Stories that might even deserve happy endings.”

    I think this blog demonstrates the point at least as effectively as Quindlen’s novel. You haven’t yet lived the ending but so far things are looking pretty happy. When are you going Big Time with your own story? I promise The Independent will review it but suspect we’ll be outdone by the NYTimes et al. Maybe they’ll even get Anna Quindlen to opine — wouldn’t that be fitting!
    Don’t be fooled by the jocular tone: you should write this.

    • khm says:

      You are too kind. Confession: when I read that last line, I wish I’d edited out the “might even” and gone with straight up “deserve happy endings.”

      Oh, geez, to think that I have anything to say that AQ hasn’t already hit on…but yes, there are always more stories to tell.

      Stay tuned…?!

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