Book review alert: The Sugar Season


Not to worry: click on the link and you won’t need a microscope to read this review!

I know, I know, I owe you more than this, patient readers.  But let’s start with something I actually did get written and edited on deadline.  Douglas Whynotts’  The Sugar Season is an homage to a tradition we love here in New England.  Who doesn’t love maple syrup?  Here’s pretty much everything you could ever want to know.  It’s also a eulogy to an industry that isn’t what we like to think it is, nostalgia-wise.  Whynott’s love for the people he grew to know in the writing of this book is palpable.   But what am I going on for?  Read the review, here:

And as I am a Luddite when it comes to inserting weblinks, and as I have no confidence that that one didn’t get cut off in mid-address, feel free to just google Washington Independent Review of Books and take it from there.  You may need to make a couple of educated clicks to get to this review; as of today, you can get to it from the home page.  But while you’re there, look around and check out this pleasant little on-line purveyor of literary reviews.  I’ve used this site more than once to make educated suggestions for my book group’s next reads.  WIRofB covers the gamut, and is pleasantly un-full of itself.  Not naming names, but let’s just say, the reviews aren’t apt to make you feel like the least well read individual who ever picked up a book.




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