On this day in history, my star was born

IMG_2525A week ago, the reds ruled this vista.  As of yesterday, the newly yellow backdrop owns the day.


Autumn.  It just swoops on by, not letting up for a moment.  The moon changes phases faster than ever, the trees give up their summertime greenery and dress up in fall fashions like teenage girls getting ready for the homecoming dance, and then just leave them in a puddle for their mothers to pick up.  Pictures taken just days ago seem dated, memories from a summer whose days have already fled.  I can’t keep up, on so many fronts.  I love this season, I want it to stick around, but I keep noticing that it’s shifting without me, whether I like it or not.  And there are days when I have been so deep in the process of relocating the details of my life–where did the silverware get packed away to?  Isn’t there a tape measure around here somewhere?–that I find my days spinning.  And too often, and altogether too soon, the four o’clock shadows close in on me, making me rue the time I’ve not been spending out of doors, drinking in this most lovely and fleeting of seasons.

IMG_9941This turned into…

IMG_2511This.  Which made the goldfinches ever so happy, but still.  Too fast, the summertime bounty gone to seed.

IMG_2560The view out our back window.  Every fall, there’s a stretch of yellow light that is magical.

* * * * *

But there are days and dates that demand that I stop and take stock.  Today is such a day.  It is the day on my calendar that always has a heart around it.  It is my beloved’s birthday.

IMG_2576This little guy.  On his first birthday, surrounded by his oh-so-young parents and their parents, along with three great-grandparents. On the day that Don Larsen pitched a perfect game in the World Series.  You do the math.


I am so lucky to be married to this man.  He is so many things to me. The usual lists hardly suffice: best friend, confidant, playmate, fellow parent, love of my life. And yet, if there was even the slightest dropping off of appreciation for what he gives me, what I learn from him…let’s just say, there were some tragedies thrown our way that completely renewed my gratefulness for how lucky I am.  With the things we’ve faced these past few years, I’m tempted to insert the words “I couldn’t have done it without him” right about here, which he would deny.  He thinks I’m stronger than I am; I like to think he’s right.   And yet, and yet.  Things that would have been scary and sad had I faced them alone, just weren’t so bad, with him by my side.  Trips to Maine after my sister passed away, the whole era of treatment after that one lousy mammogram, it’s all a blur, but a blur with both happy and sad moments, remarkably.  And it would all weigh so much more heavily on my heart, had he not been there with me.

IMG_1098Love of my life, in a happy spot.

He’s my Mary Poppins.  He figures out ways to make the medicine go down–like building in stops for lobster rolls or date night dinners at our usual spot, with our favorite bartenders holding sway.  He is, as our kids like to call him, Compulsive Man, which makes him a good person to have in your corner–the guy who labels the iPad charger cords and prints out three iterations of his calendar, one for him, one for me, one for all the overlap spots that need to be ironed out.  He is generous and kind, and he always does the right thing.  His motto these days, in his work life, is simply: “What can I do to help you?”  His willingness to make it possible for others get where they’re going spills over to everything and everyone else in his life.  I am the most fortunate recipient of that fantastic attitude of his.

He doesn’t keep score.  He loves me the way I am.  He is the best thing that ever happened to me.

IMG_9853And he knows a good photo op when he sees it.  Happy Birthday, my funny valentine. I love you!


5 comments on “On this day in history, my star was born

  1. Happy birthday. This is the most wonderful love letter. xoxo

  2. Kristen says:

    So sweet how you call him your Mary Poppins. He really sounds like a wonderful man. Happy Birthday to him!

  3. Andy Macomber says:

    I love this blog. The third sentence is lovely. The butterfly closeup is sensational. I’ve never seen a shot like that. The last paragraphs are the best in every way. I am always overwhelmed by the way you express yourself. You are fluid and get to the heart of the matter. Love, Andy

  4. holly butterman says:

    It is 10 days later and I’m reminded about how *I* am not caught up. I always like to make time to sit and read your blog.. finally this afternoon I did. And I’m reminded of how much I, your sister adore your beloved because frankly .. he is the best and you are both blessed and perfect with each other. THAT proven on so many fronts in so many ways. . . Thanks for sharing him and this as you do and belated happy birthday greetings to dear John who was CLEARLY born on a very important day. Love you baby sister ~ h*

  5. You give me hope that good, constant, patient, kind love is waiting out there. Moved, as always, even more on the second reading. And you’re both lucky.

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