January perambulations. Or, how not to write a post.

IMG_0222Happy New Year, and goodbye to a blog draft whose time had come and gone, and whose subject matter was not worth resurrecting .

Spoiler alert for anyone who thinks I’m vaguely good at this writing/blogging thing.  What follows, I’m sad to say, is completely true.

Honest to goodness, I had a post ready to roll last week, and I was all ready to click on “Publish.” Then I decided to add a picture.  From there I ran into technical difficulties, and attempted to close everything down and start over (because, after all, that’s what works.) Then I saved my draft, or at least I thought I had.  Then my computer asked me, “Are you sure you want to do this?” (Note to self: check back to see what you’ve asked your computer to do next time this query pops up.)  Then I blithely clicked on “Yes,” and proceeded to power everything down.  Five minutes later,  fresh cup of coffee in hand, I turned my computer back on, and went to pop that photo into my post–argh!–only to discover that my draft had vanished.  Well, there was the sketch of an outline that I’d saved two days before, but the well crafted, honed, holding two thoughts in my head at the same time final draft?  Lost to the cybersphere.

Which I then tried to recreate.  The beginning was there, sort of.  I’d revised what followed enough times that I knew what went where, mostly.  I fumbled along, determined that I needed to breathe life into this ghost of a post.  Why?  Timing, and time was running out.  It was a Here We Are in January post, a Stopping and Taking Stock post, a Boy, Do I Ever Suck at New Year’s Resolutions post.  Then it veered into a Home Alone post, because that’s what I’ve been for the past two weeks.

Truth be told, I saved you all from an exercise in rationalization.  “No, really, these subjects belong together!” I was trying to convince myself.  Well, probably not.  So I did the really hard thing for writers to do: I killed my darling, that pretzel of a post.  It’s what I had to do, and I knew it.

Here’s one thing I know for sure: when I write, I tend to overload.  I often have multiple concepts that  seem to match up.  I always start out down the path of More is Better, and it always takes me awhile to get to More is Probably Just Unnecessarily Complicated.  Or, at the very least, More is really two subjects, and two posts.

So, I adjusted my hat and resumed my blog writing journey.  And  along the way, I’ve taken a whole bunch of walks around My Fair City.  Which is a good thing to do for many reasons, not the least of which is because my perambulations are often where I do my best editing.  It’s where I was when I knew I needed to head home, click on delete, and start over.

Here’s just a little bit of what else I saw and pondered, along the way:

IMG_0653Most of my walks begin by heading towards Harvard Square.  This past couple of weeks, I’ve been spending more time setting off towards Somerville.  First favorite graphic along the way is always this sign, just a few blocks from home.  I love the dress dancing with the tux. I love the body language in those two hangers.  Makes me smile every time I walk by.

IMG_0654How had I missed this season’s greetings ?  Fantastic!

IMG_0657Just beyond Kirkland Cleaners, Cambridge turns into Somerville, and Kirkland Street turns into Washington Street.  The Biscuit building has had many iterations in the three decades we’ve lived nearby. We still have two grad student-era wooden chairs that we bought there in about 1981.  Whatever goes on inside this storefront, the Italianate brackets keep lending their support.

And once you notice one…

IMG_0747They’re everywhere.

IMG_0660In all different shapes.

IMG_0725And all different colors.

Silly me.  I thought Cambridgeport, the section of My Fair City that lies between Central Square and the Charles River, was the capital of fantastic front porch brackets.  Since I’m far more often in my car than on foot, zipping along Somerville’s Beacon Street (which morphs into Hampshire Street), I’d been missing these beauties.  It’s amazing what you don’t see when you’re behind the wheel.

IMG_0679This I had noticed as I drove by.  It always made me think, “One of these days, I need to stop and take some pictures.”  It took a walk to a midday matinee of Into The Woods in Kendall Square to make this opportunity happen.  This is the sort of thing that I’m far more likely to do when I’m home alone, though I’m not sure why.

IMG_0682Once upon a time, this storefront offered great pottery and mosaics. Now it’s a yoga and art center.

IMG_0681It’s as if this little strip of front stoop mosaics jumped the sidewalk and crawled up that lightpost.

IMG_0683A gifted glass artist I follow on Instagram, @nutmegdesigns, commented to me that she likes to find “mosaics in the wild.”  Which is exactly what these are! Love that concept.

IMG_0731This is from the elegant Inman Square fire station.  You definitely have to be on foot to fully appreciate these bas-reliefs, as this is just one of three.  Together they provide a visual history of firefighting, and of the brave people who fight fires.  Along with their speedy horses.

IMG_0718Mayor Vellucci watches over the comings and goings of Inman Square.  He also has a spot at the table in the S&S Deli mural across the street.  He was famous, back in my college days, for wishing aloud that he could pave over Harvard Yard and use it for parking.  Or pahking, as the phrase goes.

IMG_0722Abandoned Christmas Trees were everywhere, during my post-holiday walks.  I couldn’t help but wonder what an individual dropped in from another culture might have thought these represented.  My college senior son says they’d probably have looked around to see where the stumps were, and wondered about that…

* * * * *

So, I’ve had time alone to wander the streets of my fair cities, and ponder what my 2015 plans might be.  I’ve delved into some of those moving boxes that I’d been putting off dealing with until later.  I’ve watched movies at odd times and woken up and read in bed in the middle of the night.  I’ve eaten Brussels sprouts and string beans for dinner, and I’ve made some sense of my grand Face the Music To-Do list.  After a year of things that I had to get through, as soon as, as soon as, as soon as, now I’m ready to forge ahead on my own agenda.  Until life interrupts, anyhow.  I’ll let you in on my objectives as they unfold.  If they unfold.  Stay tuned.

As for that post that got cyber-deep-sixed, here’s all you need to know: I’m doing reasonably well on my Go To Bed By 10:30PM New Year’s resolution, and  I’ve got a perfect score on my  Eat An Apple a Day effort.  Keeping it real, taking baby steps, hoping for other good behaviors to fall into place.  We’ll see how it goes.

IMG_0719Crossroads, here we come.

And tomorrow?  Welcome home, my beloved.

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